Potty for Sochi

Things I’ve learned this week –

– What a ‘draw’ is in curling.

– What a McTwist looks like (amazing btw).

– How in the world of luge, being a second in front is considered ‘a massive lead’

– That Clare Balding is obsessed with a shopping trolly…

Yes, I love the Winter Olympics. I love the crazy sports I would never consider watching at another time, the often hilarious BBC coverage, the boring parade of flags, the cheesy mascots (particularly when they are freakishly huge and winking) and even, yes damn it, the shopping trolly. Oh, and I love the amazing sporty stuff.

I think the greatest bit is how all these amazing sportspeople manage to cheer us all up, suffering as we are with February blues. Their dedication reminds us that we don’t really work that hard, their cheerfulness in victory or defeat is inspirational, and let’s face it, some of the sports mean they look pretty funny when they do it (step forward doubles luge).

So I salute you Winter Olympics. I wish you came around every year.