What children really want for christmas

Today I asked my class of 8 and 9 year olds “What is it that you’d like for christmas, but you think your parents wouldn’t actually get you?” There was an educational purpose to this question of course (we were writing persuasive arguments) but the answers were most illuminating.

There was the expected range of gadgets (you can’t go wrong with an iPad), pets (from dog to horse to donkey to pig) and toys (apparently a voice-activated secret diary is now on the market folks), but one answer came out of the blue and caused much hilarity.

Me: “So what would you like for christmas, but you don’t think you’ll really get?”

Child: “I’d like one of those little cars that old people use.”

Me: “You mean a mobility scooter?”

Child: “Yeah, an ability scooter!”

I think I’ve discovered a gap in the market – of course a small, speedy, car, ideal for cutting up pedestrians, racing down the street and generally causing trouble, would appeal to kids. It appeals to me now I think about it.

If someone started making them with a Barbie, Spiderman or Moshi Monsters theme they’d make millions. Or they’d have at least one customer. If he can persuade his parents…